Advantages and benefits of electronic health

Thanks to the improvement and advancement of technology today, it is possible to use new tools, methods and channels in order to increase the quality of life of patients. Among these advantages, the following can be :

  • The way of monitoring the patient is improved .

When digital channels are , the physician can better help bridge the gap between himself and his patients. This technology helps to monitor the patient's condition more easily and quickly and record his progress .


  • The number of informed patients is increasing .

Such patients can make better health decisions for themselves. When they understand their health status, they can better help themselves. In addition, this technology increases the possibility of obtaining facilities such as guide books of self-care . For example, during the pandemic of 

  • Encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle and change unhealthy habits .

Today's technology can help us humans know exactly how we live . For example, applications that check the amount of wind and the amount of food we consume introduce us to a healthy lifestyle and help to improve our living conditions and change unhealthy old habits .


  • Health care staff and doctors can make decisions about the patient's condition more easily and quickly .

In addition, this technology helps to change the way specialists deal with patients . For example,  ICT  can help identify the most convenient treatment methods in the early stages .

  • It increases people's access to better and equal health care .

This feature makes access to health care no longer limited by time and place. Because of this, people can get better health care without making any unnecessary trips . At the same time, this technology increases the opportunity of people to achieve equal health care .


  • It provides better and more efficient access to hospitals and health clinics .

Access to health facilities, however simple, can save the lives of millions of people. Therefore, with the help of technology, the accessibility to hospitals and health centers can be made easier .

Using new technologies in

Digitization of health tools has created new technologies for In the following, we will introduce you to some of these new technologies :

  • Internet of Things  (IoT) is  the first technology. This technology helps to customize health care , save costs , reduce the possibility of errors in the diagnosis of the disease and reduce the patient's waiting time .
  • The second mode is the acquisition of large and extensive data. The use of big data helps to perform more data . For example, users' access to extensive data .
  • Artificial intelligence is the third case. Artificial intelligence has helped health care professionals to make better decisions and in this way they can treat diseases  faster .
  • Blockchain is next. Blockchain provides access to the patient's health record , and in this way, the specialist can better treat his patient. In addition, this tool provides the possibility of accurate and correct registration of drugs in the production process for specialists .
  • 3D and 4D printing is the fifth. For example, the use of 4D printing in ultrasound scans of provides doctors with system .
  • Chatbots are the  next tool. Chatbots are a tool to provide easier communication between doctor and patient. The World Health Organization uses this tool during the Covid -19 pandemic .
  • And the last thing is virtual  reality  . One of the most important contributions that this technology  (VR)  makes to health and medicine is helping disabled people and treating psychological disorders .


Source:  the-business-school