17 Best Telemedicine Companies

It can be difficult to make time to see your doctor. Between busy schedules and limited appointment availability, staying healthy can lead to extra stress. Telemedicine allows you to discuss non-emergency medical issues with a doctor by phone or online at a time that’s convenient for you.

Here are 17 of the best telemedicine companies.

1. CareClix

CareClix was founded in 2010. They work with board-certified practicing physicians to provide a wide range of telehealth and telemedicine services around the world. Some of the services they cover include:

  • home care
  • infectious diseases
  • pediatrics
  • primary care
  • urgent care

The company also launched an innovative program for schools in Maryland. Using Skype, off-site doctors are able to examine elementary school students, such as those complaining of a sore throat, without the students having to leave school grounds.

2. ConsultADoctor

If you have a non-emergency medical question, ConsultADoctor can help connect you with doctors by phone and online. The company specializes in offering basic medical services that don’t require visits in person. If necessary, doctors can also order tests and write prescriptions that you can fill anywhere in the United States.

3. Teladoc

Teladoc was one of the first telehealth providers in the United States. They have maintained a highly favorable rating among physicians and patients. Ninety-two percent of Teladoc members have reported that the consultations resolved their medical questions. Teladoc also claims an average callback time of 16 minutes from the moment a person seeks out a phone or online video consultation. Fees vary depending on your plan. If you have a flexible spending or health spending account, you may be able to use it to cover services through Teladoc. Teledoc can be used for a wide-range of medical issues, including:

  • pediatric services
  • non-emergency medical issues
  • dermatological conditions
  • mental health consultations for issues such as depression and addiction
  • sexual health consultations

Teladoc physicians can also write prescriptions or analyze your lab results.

4. MeMD

Creating an account on MeMD is simple. Once your account is set up, you can speak with a nurse practitioner or physician directly through your computer’s webcam. You can discuss multiple symptoms or conditions during a single consultation without needing to pay an additional fee, provided your healthcare provider feels comfortable discussing a second issue. Lab tests can’t be ordered through MeMD, but healthcare providers can answer questions about an existing lab report.

5. iCliniq

The website iCliniq provides a variety of services. You can submit written questions or request a phone consultation or online video. If you submit a written question, one of the more than 1,000 doctors representing about 80 different specialties will provide an answer on the website. You can also access archived questions and answers. If you need to speak with a doctor, phone or online video consultations are available based on the doctor’s schedule. The company also operates a “virtual hospital” for healthcare professionals and medical centers. Consultations are available in these areas:

  • psychiatry
  • oncology
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • dentistry
  • sexology
  • dermatology
  • general medicine

6. American Well

Two brothers who are both doctors founded American Well. They wanted to make basic health care more affordable and eliminate barriers such as distance, mobility, and time. In addition to the website, American Well’s mobile application, available on iPhone and Android, can also connect you with a doctor. When using the service, you’ll be matched up with doctors in your state. In addition to general medicine questions, American Well also has mental health therapists and nutritionists available for consultation. The company is steadily building up its network of doctors.

7. MDlive

MDlive was founded in 2009. They’re continuously building up their partnerships with healthcare systems across the United States. Board-certified physicians and other healthcare professionals are available by phone or online video 24 hours a day. They can help answer your questions about non-emergency medical conditions, such as:

  • allergies
  • urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • headaches
  • rashes
  • fever

Mental health professionals are also available.

8. MDAligne

MDAligne has provided more than 1 million online and telephone consultations since 2004. They help people with a wide range of health and wellness concerns. MDAligne sets itself apart from some other telemedicine companies by partnering with labs and imaging companies. They also offer health supplements and products for weight loss.

9. StatDoctors

StatDoctors has been around since 2009. They boast short wait times to hear back from doctors. The wait time is about six minutes on average. A nationwide network of doctors is available 24 hours a day for phone consultations or online video evaluations.

10. Doctor on Demand

One thing that sets Doctor on Demand apart from its competitors is that it allows people to add a doctor to their “favorites.” If that doctor is available, you can call them back directly to make future appointments. Doctor on Demand also offers new moms online assistance from board-certified lactation consultants.

11. Specialists On Call

Specialists on Call provide their services to hospitals and physician practices instead of individual consumers. The company is designed as a consulting practice for medical facilities around the country. If a hospital needs a stroke specialist, for example, an online or phone consultation is arranged with one of Specialists On Call’s doctors.

12. LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online lets members select the doctors they speak with via two-way video conferencing. Once you sign up, you can see who’s available in your state and then request a consultation. You should be connected with the doctor you have chosen within a few minutes. Doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. LiveHealth Online’s website also features health tips.

13. Virtuwell

Virtuwell handles the diagnostic part of telemedicine by asking you to describe your symptoms in an online interview. If the symptoms and condition sound like something Virtuwell can treat, a nurse practitioner will receive the report. They can then look at a visible symptom, if necessary, and create a treatment plan. Conditions eligible for virtual consultations include:

  • colds and flus
  • acne
  • birth control
  • skin conditions
  • certain sexually transmitted diseases
  • allergies
  • other basic non-emergency health problems

14. Ringadoc

Ringadoc specializes in supporting other physicians by handling their after-hours calls. When you call, you’re condition will be triaged and key information will be provided to the doctors contracting with Ringadoc. The idea is that only urgent calls are forwarded after hours.

15. PlushCare

In addition to matching you with a physician for online video chats or phone calls, PlushCare also gives back to the community. With every consultation, PlushCare provides funds or services to help California children get vaccinations or checkups. PlushCare is currently available in eight states.

16. HealthTap

HealthTap claims to have 72,000 doctors around the world ready to answer your health questions. Experts are available for video chats or simply to answer text messages. Their mobile application, HealthTap, available on iPhone and Android, also provides health news.

17. HealthExpress

HealthExpress helps people in Oregon and Washington with non-emergency healthcare consultations. Consultations are available via phone or two-way video conferencing. Unlike many telemedicine companies, HealthExpress isn’t open 24 hours. Doctors and nurse practitioners are available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the week and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. You can go online and choose a medical professional to help you.