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3/18/2019 3:38:00 AM

MIT's new oral capsule injects insulin through microneedles

MIT's new insulin-delivering capsule contains a microneedle that injects the hormone into the bloodstream through the stomach lining

3/17/2019 1:43:03 AM

Social Media Users’ Perception of Telemedicine and mHealth in China

The use of telemedicine and mHealth has increased rapidly in the People’s Republic of China. While telemedicine and mHealth have great potential, wide adoption of this technology depends on how patients, health care providers, and other stakeholders in the Chinese health sector perceive and accept the technology.

3/16/2019 1:37:22 AM

WhatsApp Messenger as an Adjunctive Tool for Telemedicine

The advent of telemedicine has allowed physicians to deliver medical treatment to patients from a distance. Mobile apps such as WhatsApp Messenger, an instant messaging service, came as a novel concept in all fields of social life, including medicine. The use of instant messaging services has been shown to improve communication within medical teams by providing means for quick teleconsultation, information sharing, and starting treatment as soon as possible...

3/13/2019 8:31:27 PM

A Comparison of Care at E-visits and Physician Office Visits for Sinusitis and Urinary Tract Infection

Internet capabilities create the opportunity for e-visits, in which physicians and patients interact virtually instead of face-to-face. In e-visits, patients log into their secure personal health record internet portal and answer a series of questions about their condition...

3/12/2019 10:45:11 PM

Characteristics of patients who seek care via eVisits instead of office visits

There is growing recognition that many physician-patient encounters do not require face-to-face contact. The availability of secure Internet portals creates the opportunity for online eVisits. Increasing numbers of health systems provide eVisits, and many health plans reimburse for eVisits. However, little is known on who chooses to seek care via an eVisit.

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"Telemedicine is the ability to provide interactive healthcare utilizing modern technology and telecommunications." Basically, Telemedicine allows patients to visit with physicians live over video for immediate care or capture video/still images and patient data are stored and sent to physicians for diagnosis and follow-up treatment at a later time.
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