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8/12/2020 8:10:08 PM

Can't see your doctor in person? Use online medical options

Taking care of your physical and mental health should be a priority. You are familiar with the telemedicine options available to you today. Normally, you can benefit remotely from any diagnosis of physical illness to talking to a mental health professional and receiving a prescription in all areas of medicine. Only when you need urgent care can you not use remote medical services.

8/12/2020 10:09:02 AM

Telemedicine Improves Access for Veterans with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is chronic condition that requires long-term medical management. It is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects motor, non-motor, and cognitive functions.

8/11/2020 12:46:49 PM

What is Teleoncology?

Teleoncology, the use of telemedicine technology to provide cancer care services, helps patients in any geographical location to receive quality treatment from top oncologists and specialists, without the need to travel or wait for appointments despite anticipated deficiencies.

8/10/2020 3:28:08 AM

Telehealth with the help of Televisits App

The Internet and online counseling applications are growing and evolving every day and are used in a variety of fields. The widespread use of online counseling applications indicates the high acceptance of these applications among the people.

8/9/2020 12:53:34 AM

Use Healthcare Apps

In recent years, with the development of applications, smartphones have become a versatile assistant that provides services such as medical services, financial services, transportation for you at the lowest cost and in the shortest time. One of the areas that has grown significantly with the help of applications is the field of medicine and health, which provides good services to applicants online .

Welcome to Telemedicine Online Portal provides a complete package including EMR with integrated Video Conferencing.
"Telemedicine is the ability to provide interactive healthcare utilizing modern technology and telecommunications." Basically, Telemedicine allows patients to visit with physicians live over video for immediate care or capture video/still images and patient data are stored and sent to physicians for diagnosis and follow-up treatment at a later time.
Whether you live in the center of Los Angeles or deep in the Brazilian Amazon, Telemedicine is an invaluable tool in Healthcare.