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9/27/2021 1:22:11 AM

Benefits and advantages of telemedicine

The medical world is constantly changing. Today, technology plays an important role in medicine. As physicians are constantly looking for better ways to treat people, technology has made great strides in medicine. Thanks to advances in technology such as telemedicine , you can access to medical services and information that would otherwise be inaccessible .

9/27/2021 10:52:59 PM

Who can benefit from telemedicine?

The Social Prevention Services Working Group proposes several telemedicine interventions to reduce the risk factors for chronic disease and control it in individuals.

9/26/2021 5:07:05 AM

Telediagnosis and treatment services

Telediagnostic involves consulting a specialist in the same or a different field or a general practitioner or even healthcare staff with a specialist doctor at a specialist center to help diagnose the patient .

9/25/2021 1:46:21 AM

Ethics in telemedicine

The development and implementation of information and communication technology are creating new and different ways for of practicing medicine. Telemedicine is used for patients who cannot see an appropriate physician timeously because of inaccessibility due to distance, physical disability, employment, family commitments (including caring for others), patients’ cost and physician schedules. It has capacity to reach patients with limited access to medical assistance and have potential to improve health care....

9/22/2021 6:46:32 PM

IoT and smart hospital

Imagine being taken to a hospital by accident. You are nervous and not sure what will happen. Your first priority is to get better and healthier as soon as possible. Hospitals operate in a way that makes patients more anxious, because patients feel out of control and a lot of time is spent on the medical team. Waiting times, inattentive staff, completed files, and collecting health information can be a significant waste of time.

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"Telemedicine is the ability to provide interactive healthcare utilizing modern technology and telecommunications." Basically, Telemedicine allows patients to visit with physicians live over video for immediate care or capture video/still images and patient data are stored and sent to physicians for diagnosis and follow-up treatment at a later time.
Whether you live in the center of Los Angeles or deep in the Brazilian Amazon, Telemedicine is an invaluable tool in Healthcare.